Garlic & Herb Tools

Flavour your cooking to perfection with a little help from us. Our range of garlic and herb tools will have you dicing, pressing and crushing your way to tastier food. From garlic presses to herb cutters our innovative ideas will make short work of your ingredients.

  • Mezzaluna

    Mezzaluna Herb Chopper

    Folding herb chopper

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  • Rocker™

    Rocker™ Garlic Crusher

    Rocking garlic crusher

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  • Gusto Flavour Infusing Spoon

    Gusto Flavour Infusing Spoon

    Infusing spoon for herbs and spices


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    Special Price $8.00

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  • Hand-held garlic crusher

    Helix Garlic Press

    Hand-held garlic crusher

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  • Shred-Line™

    Shred-Line™ Garlic & Ginger Grater

    Stainless steel garlic and ginger grater

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  • Multi-Grip Mandoline™

    Multi-Grip Mandoline™

    Mandoline with precision food grip

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